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March 23rd 2016

Musicians' Residency Recap: A Major Success!

The two bands that participated in our inaugural program -- Hibbity Dibbity and The HA -- shared their excitement and appreciation for the opportunity to be immersed in five days of educational programming, outdoor activities, mind-body and health practices, and intensive song-writing.

"Project AMPLIFI just gave us the week of our musical lives with their inaugural artist residency. Not enough words can express our gratitude. Thank you!!! And thank you to Smiley's and the town of Bo' for the hospitality. Once again our minds are blown and our hearts have grown." -- The HA

"Big thanks to our friends at Project AMPLIFI and all of the wonderful people at Smiley's for taking such good care of us during our residency in Bolinas. We are very grateful to have such good people on our side." -- Hibbity Dibbity

In their application for the program, The Human Assembly (The HA) described the challenge of finding time to write in an inspiring, supportive atmosphere. They feel that music is social medicine that can bring people together and support important social change. Hibbity Dibbity expressed hope that at the Residency they will learn techniques that will combat burnout while maintaining their creative spirit. 

We addressed these themes in the educational programming. The bands had an excellent time (see photo gallery) integrating the sounds of nature and place into the music written during the Residency. Additionally, the musicians participated in a range of activities that integrated mind, body, spirit, and health. 

~ Expert speakers (Jason Perkins, Lee Frank, Joe Barham, JP Pineda, Stephanie Heath) from the music industry that discussed touring, management, song writing, licensing, and the future of music.
~ Our food sponsors: TargetTrader Joe's, and Big Mesa Farm.
~ Health and wellness instructors (Laura Pucci and Pixie Pam) who facilitated meditation, acroyoga, and activities that strengthen and enhance creativity and centeredness. 
~ Outdoor immersion experiences that inspire: surfing, paddle-boarding, and hiking.
~ Volunteers, Staff, and Businesses: Smiley's Schooner Saloon, and 2 Mile Surf Shop.

We can't do this work without the support of our sponsors, donors, community, and volunteers. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support our work and the future musicians' residency programs. 

Posted by Alexis Shoemate


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