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February 11th 2016

AMPLIFI Sessions Residency: Hibbity Dibbity and The HA

This spring, Project AMPLIFI launches AMPLIFI Sessions, a Musicians’ Residency designed especially for professional touring artists. This program supports artistic achievement and musicians’ leadership by offering select artists a program of activities designed to spark creativity, expand knowledge and expertise, and provide physical and mental rejuvenation.

AMPLIFI Sessions, Spring 2016, will be hosted at Smiley’s Saloon & Hotel in Bolinas, California, and nearby sites February 24-28. Residents will: learn from expert speakers; experience time in nature with hiking, surfing and other activities; spend time with band mates; and unplug, unwind and connect with one another and new fans. The artists will also participate in daily educational sessions led by seasoned professionals from the music industry, health and wellness, and nonprofit sectors. During the Residency, the artists will write and perform brand new material, sharing this creative process with their fans.

After a competitive application process, we are thrilled to host two up-and-coming Bay Area bands for this first residency: Hibbity Dibbity and The Human Assembly (The HA). Come hear them play on both nights of their residency weekend -- 2/26 & 2/27 at Smiley’s Saloon & Hotel. Applications the Summer Musician Residency will open on March 1st.

About the Bands

Hibbity Dibbity:
San Francisco's premier vibrational connectors, Hibbity Dibbity, have been forging their way into public consciousness since 2012. These "Swamp-funk" pioneers were baptized in the barrel of the blues, and carry forth the spirit. As Mary Lindsay Dickinson, mother of the North Mississippi Allstars describes, "a classy blues strut mixed with 22nd century push!" Hibbity Dibbity's second album, "Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs", is a swamp-stompin' odyssey; a concoction of psychedelic rock and roll blues described as "Swamp Funk." Recorded in 3 days at Jim Dickinson's Zebra Ranch in North Mississippi, "Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs" captures the band's raw, live sound. Much of the album was written while on tour in the Summer of 2014, and the songs introduce the myth of a telepathic prophet, the Bellyman. With "Tinctures, Potions & Elixirs", Hibbity Dibbity surges forward into new sonic portals, leaving a trail of heavy vibrations in their wake.

The HA:
The HA (The Human Assembly) is a band based out of San Francisco, California. Brooks, Thomas and Mikey have a unique style best described as 'beach-funk americana'’. In March, 2015 the group recorded their first EP at Expression College titled Easy Target. Though somewhat darker than much of their onstage repertoire, (subject matter delving into the stormy inner battles of mental illness: "I'm a smoking gun...a trigger worn smooth/ I'm an easy target refusing to move" from Easy Target or, "sew me up, with all of the lovin' left in my threadbare heart" from Sewn To You) the EP still accomplishes the same effect as seeing them live and acts as an ambassador of their lust for life and infectious surrendering to a good time. The band is proud of their release of Temescal Sessions, a two song, acoustic set filmed and recorded in partnership with LSTN headphones who provides hearing aids for those in need for every pair of headphones purchased. In July 2015, The HA set out to play in southern CA much like they had done the year before as Hopi Astronaut only this time, with the intention of giving back. Throwing what they call a 'Party With Purpose', the SF crew along with a couple of amazing local performers collected over six cases of canned food and dried goods for the nearby food bank. As front man Brooks Dierker put it, "the hangover we took with us was nothing compared to all the love we were able to share". The HA includes but is not limited to Brooks Dierker on vocals, harmonica, keys, organ and melodica; Thomas Patrick on guitar and Michael Dyer on Drums. 

Posted by Leila Monroe and Alexis Shoemate


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