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November 4th 2015

Musician Residency: Applications Due 12/4/2015

AMPLIFI Sessions ~

Musicians' Residency




Project AMPLIFi is launching AMPLIFI Sessions, an artist residency designed especially for professional touring musicians. This program will support artistic achievement and musician leadership by offering select musicians a program of activities designed to spark creativity, increase motivation, and provide physical and mental rejuvenation.


AMPLIFI Sessions, Spring 2016, will be hosted at Smiley’s Saloon & Hotel in Bolinas, California, and nearby sites. Residents will: learn from expert speakers; experience nature with hiking, surfing and other activities; spend time with band mates; and unplug, unwind and connect with one another and new fans.


Each day, residents will participate in a one hour presentation and discussion focusing on topics such as:

  • Health & wellness, especially for artists on the road, featuring an expert on exercise, healthy diet, meditation.

  • Fostering creativity in the long-run, featuring a successful writers, musicians or producer.

  • Social justice, featuring a discussion of how to influence positive social change through music; and

  • Business tips, featuring an expert on legal, social, and budgetary challenges.


Days will be scheduled but also include time for participants to relax, write, explore nature, and spend quality time with bandmates. There will also be discussions about how artists can utilize their music, voice, and influence to support positive activities in the world. We will explore topics such as strategic engagement to ensure that their giving is aligned with their brand and an effective expression of their interest.

Program compensation includes lodging and meals throughout the Residency. Artists will also receive the net proceeds of tickets sold to performances as part of the Residency. Travel costs and arrangements are the responsibility of the artist.

Important Dates:

November 4, 2015 --  Application process begins for Spring 2016 inaugaral residency.

December 4, 2015 -- Applications due for first residency.

December 15, 2015  -- One music group will be selected to participate in Spring 2016 residency. Exact residency dates will be confirmed for late February or March, 2016 based on artist and lodging availability.

Musicians will be required to commit to the following deliverables as conditions of the residency:

  • 2-4 songs written and shared at end of residency.

  • Daily video diary entries chronicling the residency experience and activities.

  • Performance of the new material on Friday and Saturday at Smiley’s.

  • Within one month after residency, recording of material produced during residency as part of AMPLIFI Sessions.

Application Requirements/ Questions: Please answer all of the following questions on behalf of the artist or entire band wishing to participate in the Artist Residency. Send replies as a document, video or other creative format to info [at] All questions must be answered to be eligible for the residency.

  1. Band Name and contact information?

  1. Number of members in the band?

  1. Social Media Links:

  1. Where do you live?

  1. When did you begin performing to public audiences?

  1. How many albums have you recorded?

  1. How many songs have you published?

  1. Describe one of the most inspiring moments of your career as a band.

  1. What are the top three challenges you face as a band?

  1. Why would you like to participate in the Artist Residency?

  1. What is your goal for the Artist Residency?

  1. Please give any information about a concept, issue, or idea that you would like to explore in your time at the Artist Residency. You are welcome to answer this question and #11 with a video or through other creative medium.

  1. Are you interested in or active on social causes -- e.g. environment, social justice, poverty, education, etc.? If so, how are you engaged?

  1. Can you commit to participate in all activities of the Artist Residency?

Posted by Leila


Andrew Kreidle at 3:55pm December 1st 2015
This sounds absolutely dreamy, I currently live in Santa Rosa, CA. I am an active dreamer and I enjoy helping others achieve this ability because I believe it is the healthiest way to encourage a dialogue with the subconscious in order to find a pathway towards optimal mental health. My only bandmates are friends who enjoy musically experimenting with me from time to time. I am handy with technology and I love to make music that encourages acceptance, learning, and good mental health. In the future I plan on making music that encourages communication. I believe that the societal grief of climate change and the loss of biodiversity is best dealt with by first encouraging communication and learning. Music is a great way to present these concepts to the public. Another social issue that I would like to break down is trasnphobia. By encouraging communication and acceptance, people can learn to eliminate irrational fears. The only public music I do is street preforming. I started playing blues guitar on street corners in middle school. The core of my inspiration grew out of that time when people would encourage me to keep playing. I have beens studying logic pro for about 9 months now and I write poetry nearly every day. I would love to participate in the activities listed and would be overjoyed at the opportunity to dwell and grow with artists who have a vision. Live long and prosper, Andrew Kreidle
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