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September 29th 2015

Program Updates: Musician Residency, Interviews, Surf & Sound Sessions

Project AMPLIFI’s mission is to create platforms for music and art to inform, inspire and activate community. We serve two target audiences: first, musicians and artists; and second, the music-loving public.

To achieve our mission and serve these audiences, in 2015, the AMPLIFI team has focused on developing our Musician Residency Program. Throughout the year, we've learned a great deal about artists' interests and needs by booking and managing musicians in their relations with one of our grantors, an intimate historic venue, Smiley’s Saloon & Hotel. We have had the opportunity to book and get to know nearly 150 artists this year, offering them a unique performance experience. We frequently receive feedback from artists that they feel more appreciated and creatively energized than in any other performance setting. We also worked with our board members to conduct a survey of independent musician needs. We've utilized the experience and information we've gathered this in the development of the new Musician Residency Program, which will launch in early 2016.

The residency will allow artists time and space to be creative and rejuvenate. Musicians will have 4-5 days to relax, write, explore nature, engage with their bandmates and other artists, and to perform new material. We also would like to incorporate informational sessions with healthy lifestyle experts and discussions about how artists can utilize their music, voice, and platform to support positive activities in the world. We will explore topics such as strategic engagement to ensure that their giving is aligned with their brand and an effective expression of their interest.

Interviews and Special Events

For those artists who have an expressed interest or commitment to nonprofit issues or causes, we highlight their work through social media posts and interviews. For example, having worked with Quinn DeVeaux on a benefit for Swords to Plowshares in 2013, we built on this relationship to interview him and produce a short trailer before his performance. We will also be producing a longer interview and a blog that reveals more of the motivations behind his work, and his passion for Veterans services and food justice movements.

Surf & Sound Sessions

Building off our Concert & Conversation Series, we are excited for Surf & Sound Sessions a unique gathering of musicians, fans and community in West Marin, October 9-11. This event focuses on the ocean as a shared point of inspiration. Guests will have the chance to surf together, help cleanup our beaches, and experience music and creativity inspired by nature around us. Featured artists include Trails and WaysBachaco, This Old Earthquake, The Human Assembly and DJ Hobi. Event sponsors and partners include The Story of Stuff Project, Vita Coco Coconut Water, Guayakí Yerba Mate, and Smiley's Schooner Saloon! More information and tickets to the event are available here.

Posted by Leila Monroe & Alexis Shoemate


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