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January 16th 2015

Project AMPLIFI Launches Partnership to Create Unique Music Experience at Historic Saloon & Venue

The original concept behind Project AMPLIFI began in 2004 with a plan to create a physical space, a venue, where people could convene to enjoy music and socializing while also learning and becoming inspired to work on critical civic issues of our time. The cost and complexity of acquiring a physical space directed us to focus on creating experiences and events on a roving basis at various venues in the Bay Area.

Project AMPLIFI’s mission is to create platforms for music and art to inform, inspire and activate community. Now, Project AMPLIFI has partnered with Smiley’s Schooner Saloon -- a rustic, intimate venue along the gorgeous Northern California coast – to give our programing a permanent home. This partnership is already yielding exciting results. In a few short weeks, the Project AMPLIFI team has now lined up dozens of musicians to perform at Smiley’s, where these artists will enjoy a relaxing and scenic retreat.

We will continue to produce gatherings and media around the Bay Area that highlights musicians as leaders in raising awareness about the the most pressing issues of our time, for example, ensuring equitable access to healthy food in urban centers or advancing protection of our ocean and other life-sustaining systems. But at Smiley’s we look forward to getting to know exceptional musicians – artists like The Sam Chase, or Alcyon Massive – in an intimate setting, while offering them tools for inspiration, exploration and expression of their passions, particularly related to key civic issues from homelessness to ensuring music education. We believe that by supporting musicians as positive thought leaders we can create ever-widening circles of positive impact, as their fans listen, learn and are inspired by their favorite artists’ passions.


January 2015

FRI 1/16                 Feral Fauna – Experimental Indie Electronica Soul-Pop. $5

SAT 1/17                LUVPLANET – Rock Jam Pop. $5

FRI 1/23                 Jerry Joseph – Rock and Roll, Reggae, Indie Rock, Jam Rock. $8

SAT 1/24                Cazadero – Electronic Folk Rock. $10

FRI 1/30                 The Sam Chase Band – Folk Rock n Roll. $10

SAT 1/31                The Pine Needles – Acoustic, Jam Band, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Country, $10

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