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December 29th 2014

Project AMPLIFI's 2014 Year In Review

2014 has been a busy year. Our organization changed its name from Party Corps to Project AMPLIFI, a name that embodies our mission to create platforms for music and art to inform, inspire and activate community.

Since 2013, Project AMPLIFI has produced twelve events -- accompanied by video, written and social media -- to support community education and activism through music.

This year we’ve worked with tremendous artists, including Grandmaster Flash, The Kin, Carolyn Malachi, Future Twin, Owl Paws, and many others. We’ve profiled outstanding community service done by artists and our audience alike. We’ve highlighted and supported work on important issues including:

With your help, we are ready to make even greater things happen in 2015. In the year ahead, we will tap our core strengths to curate experiential learning opportunities addressing some of the most important issues of our times.

Upcoming Concert & Conversation (C2) Series, supported by the Bill Graham Supporting Foundation,a project of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco.

Quarterly events will present multiple perspectives on critical issues of our times. Proposed topics for our 2015 C2 Series:

Q1, March 2015: Music and the Ocean – working with musician and author Joel Harper, Project AMPLIFI has co-produced a children’s book called Sea Change, which uses beautiful imagery to evoke the power and inspiration of the ocean. In this session we will explore the many ways in which music is inspired by and can help to protect and restore our precious ocean resources. 

Q2, Summer 2015: Exploring the challenges to delivering Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math (STEAM) programs to underserved children and youth.

Q3, Fall 2015: Retrospective on Music for Peace Activism.

Q4, Winter 2015: Gender Equality in the Workplace.

Project AMPLIFI will also be making exciting announcements in the New Year about a new space where we will be curating music and artistic experience and leadership to educate and inspire the public. Stay tuned!

We need your support to continue our work. Please visit our website to make a donation or become a paid member and receive thrilling perks.

Posted by Leila Monroe


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