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July 17th 2014

Introducing Project AMPLIFI: Party Corpsí New Name Speaks to Growing Programs

In 2008, Party Corps was born when a group of like-minded friends decided to turn our passion for live music into a means to support local, grassroots organizations. We received our non-profit status, brought outstanding new people onto our team, and grew our network of partner musicians and expanded our Good Cause Directory to more than 70 grassroots organizations. We produced many events supporting a wide range of issues, from homelessness to environmental justice. In short, the Party Corps named has served us well.

But today we are proud to announce that we are transitioning into a new era and a new name for our organization: Project AMPLIFI!

Project AMPLIFI captures the essence of the programs we will be rolling out in the coming months. We will continue to produce music-based events, such as the one happening tonight on behalf of Bay Localize. We will continue to curate experiences that pair artists with issues of genuine interest to them, while supporting grassroots organizations and public education and engagement in important issues. We will also be launching new projects that do even more to amplify the impact of grassroots nonprofits, artists, and individuals.

For updates and special announcements, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or sign-up to support us as a Member on our website.

Posted by Leila Monroe


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