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April 7th 2014

Chemistry Offline: Party Corps Introduces The Kin and Global Glimpse

To produce a Music for Good party, our team at Party Corps first gets to know the musicians, asking questions about their interests and suggesting ideas for beneficiary nonprofit organizations who would inspire them and create a captivating conversation on stage. After New York-based rockers, The Kin, selected Global Glimpse – because of the group’s exciting mission to provide life-changing leadership education to U.S. students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds – we did our best to prep the guys about the organization’s work.

When we sat down in the green room before the show with Isaac, Thorald and Shakerleg from The Kin met and Global Glimpse Executive Director Eliza Pesuit and Program Director Marcela Berrios, it was clear that our match-making played off. The Kin were already well versed in Global Glimpse’s work to serve almost 1500 diverse high school leaders since 2013. But the chemistry and excitement about the core work of the nonprofit was also reciprocated as Eliza and Marcela learned about The Kin’s quest to push the boundaries between the audience and the artists, for example with Musical Robberies.

As important as technology is for the production of music or to manage the logistics of a Global Glimpse event, the conversation explored the magic that happens between people when we go offline. Isaac and Thorald shared the experience of needing a drummer to take their sound to just the right place. As they walked through the New York subway system one day, they were stunned to hear Shakerleg drumming down on the platform. They knew they’d found their match. Similarly, Global Glimpse students, when they travel to Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic after a year of in-school leadership preparation, are required to set down their cell phones and connect with one another and with the communities around them.

The Kin and Global Glimpse showed us how powerful the music or work can be when founded on the joys of connection between people. When we all got on stage to share this story with the crowd, it was clear that both the musicians and the nonprofit are going a long way to make the world a better place.   

Posted by Leila Monroe


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