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March 12th 2014

A Passport to Perspective: Creating a New Generation of Global Leaders

Party Corps’ upcoming Music for Good party is Saturday, March 22nd at Bruno’s and will feature The Kin in concert and conversation with Global Glimpse.

Global Glimpse is a grassroots organization working to inspire a new generation of young Americans to become responsible global citizens. Through leadership training, global education and immersion in the developing world, Global Glimpse provides young people with first-hand exposure to different countries, cultures and people. These experiences motivate young people to take action to better their world together.

Eliza Pesuit is Global Glimpse’s Executive Director: She believes that equality is born out of a strong sense of social responsibility that begins at home but reaches far beyond national borders. Eliza was kind enough to share more details about Global Glimpse’s program and their vision for their future.

Party Corps: What inspired you to join Global Glimpse?

Eliza Pesuit: The injustice that surrounds us every day inspires and motivates me to continue to fight for Global Glimpse. It is the mother who lost both her sons to gang violence in Oakland a few months ago and the countless inner city youth who don’t dare to dream a better life is possible. It is the millions of families around the world who struggle to find food, medicine, basic necessities to take care of their families. It is the corruption and greed that permeate business and politics, the sheer complexity of the systems that we operate in every day.

We live in an interconnected world through technology, business, and politics, yet we are deeply disconnected on a human level. Global Glimpse gives a face to poverty, a voice to history, a vision and story to development. We give students a window into another world while constantly tying the experience back to their lives in the United States.

Our program pushes young people to confront a different reality at a young age and through this challenging and inspiring experience they gain an invaluable perspective on the importance of education, on their privilege as United States citizens, and most importantly, on their ability and responsibility to affect change in the world. When you remove someone from their community and everything that is familiar for three weeks you provide them with a new set of eyes and the ability to evaluate not only the greater world, but the very communities that they call home.

PC: After completing the program abroad, what do you want your youth participants to walk away with?

EP: I want them to walk away with perspective on their lives. The kind of perspective that makes you laugh so hard you cry, and at the same time sits heavier on your chest than anything you’ve ever experienced before. I want them to fall in love with the world in all of its beauty and ugliness and believe deeply that their lives matter; that they can and must contribute to building a more just and equitable world.

PC: Describe one of your most memorable experiences on a Global Glimpse trip.

EP: It was a hot, sticky night in Leon, Nicaragua and I was sitting in one of our hostels with a board member who was born in Pakistan. Most of students had dispersed after the nightly meeting, but one student came over with her travel journal and asked if she could ask us a question. She paused, looking down at the pink journal in her hand and then asked, “Why do you do this for us when we cannot give you anything back and you don’t even know us?” She opened her journal and on the first page was a note from her older sister who had traveled to Nicaragua with Global Glimpse in 2010. “It said, “Dear Sister, I know you will grow in so many ways and see so much on this trip and that it will change your life the way it changed mine. Please use this journal to write down everything that you see and experience so that you can share it with me.” We spent the next hour learning about her early life in refugee camps in Afghanistan, sharing a home with 10 family members in Arizona, and finally finding her way to California and sharing our own reasons for supporting Global Glimpse. At the end of the conversation she looked at us and said, “I want to be like you one day, I want to help girls like me realize their lives matter.” It was one of those moments where there are no words, only emotions. Here was this 16-year-old girl who had been through more struggle than I could ever comprehend and she believed in herself and her potential for the first time. This work is so powerful and so much bigger than me.

PC: What is your long-term vision for Global Glimpse?

EP: My vision is for Global Glimpse to continue to grow to serve over 20,000 American youth annually over the next 10 years while maintaining access for youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds and sustainability in the schools and communities where we work. Beyond the numbers and the models, my vision is for this organization to play a critical role in changing the way that Americans see the world.

PC: In what ways can the public support your work?

EP: Global Glimpse is a community-supported organization and there are many ways to get involved to support our work!

  1. Attend Party Corps’ March 22 Music for Good Event benefiting Global Glimpse!

  2. Join the Global Glimpse Bay Area Advisory Board and work with talented, passionate young professionals to support our mission

  3. Volunteer to lead an 18-day Global Glimpse program to Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic this summer! (all expenses Paid)

  4. Donate to sponsor a low income Global Glimpse student from the Bay Area

  5. Volunteer to speak about your career/experience at one of our alumni events

  6. Volunteer your skills to support Global Glimpse – IT, grant writing, Graphic Design, Photography and Video Production

Support this worthy organization by coming out to Party Corps’ next Music for Good party on Saturday, March 22nd at Bruno’s in San Francisco’s mission district. Revenue from ticket sales will go directly to Global Glimpse. $10 tickets are on sale now here.

Posted by Olivia Swilley


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