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December 24th 2013

Party Corps 2014 Musician Wish List

Party Corps' mission is to connect the public to good causes through music. In 2013 we produced 9 Music for Good parties and supported more than 50 Pop-Up Concerts for a Cause that benefited 15 nonprofit organizations that are providing vital services and programs in communities throughout the bay area. In 2014 we’ll keep the party going with inspiring line-ups featuring musicians who believe that music is a connecting force that can unite people and ignite a passion for social change. Here is Party Corps' wish list of amazing artists we'd love to work with on behalf of the grassroots organizations that make up our Good Cause Directory. Fingers crossed y'all! 

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Our parents free-loved to them in the 60s and they helped us get through finals your junior year of college. Each time the gang gets back together they harmonize their way back into our heart when the annual Bridge School Benefit comes to your town. "I am yours. You are mine. We are what we are."

Arctic Monkeys

While this group of English musicians has been around now for over a decade, their most recent album ‘AM’ displays a new level of musical maturity. Typically classified as Indie, ‘AM’ has a grittier sound with both rock and grunge influences, and as always we can’t get enough of the unique intonations that Alex Turner gives to the lyrics.

The Nelson Family

Willie Nelson is one of the great pioneers of using music to support important causes, and he’s passed this ethic on to his talented kids, especially rising star Lukas Nelson. Willie, Lukas, and the Nelson family dedicate their time and exceptional talents to causes like Farm Aid, marriage equality and sustainable living, and we’d love to feature them at a Music for Good event in 2014.  

Rob Garza & Thievery Corporation

Mixing dub, electronic, jazz, and bossa nova, Thievery Corporation weaves sounds together that take our minds and bodies to another realm. In addition to their magnetic music that sounds especially great in a club or on a long drive through windy roads, the duo uses some of their tunes to highlight social issues, like exploitative trade agreements, human rights, and starvation. One of Thievery Corporation’s founding members, Rob Garza, is based in San Francisco and has produced incredible solo work. We are eager to see what Rob Garza and Thievery Corporation have in store for 2014.

In addition to being one of the founding members of the Black Eyed Peas and producer of hits performed by Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire and U2, is also the founder of theI.Am.Angel Foundation. Launched in 2009 with the goal of transforming lives through education, inspiration and opportunity, the foundation's work to expand access to STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education to girls and minority youth is uniting a love of learning and a love of music.

Janelle Monae

After her infectious breakout with “Tightrope” on her debut album The ArchAndroid, Ms. Monae has once again raised the bar on energetic creativity with her 2013 album Electric Lady.Atlanta Magazine named her their 2013 Artist of the Year, and Ms. Monae's recent collaboration with fellow R&B singer Miguel, is racking up YouTube views. She has got us seriously thinking about trying out a bouffant hairstyle.  


These ladies gave us goose bumps when we had the pleasure to hear them belt out their raw rock live. Carrying on the tradition of fierce, brilliant female artists like Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett, we would love to know what inspires the wild young women of Haim.

Michael Franti

For nearly 30 years Michael Franti has been connecting his art to a good cause. From being an ally in human rights to fighting against poverty, Michael Franti is known almost equally for his activism and music. His sound reflects the diverse genres that have influenced his music over the years, and we look forward to hearing what comes next.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

From San Francisco, CA, and now based in Los Angeles, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) strings together garage rock, blues, and reinvigorated folk, with a psychedelic sound. BRMChas been playing for over a decade, and we were especially intrigued when Leah Shapiro joined the band in 2008. Yes, we heart women drummers and Leah Shapirois a percussion powerhouse.

Little Dragon

Swedish trip-pop band, Little Dragon, integrates soothing vocals with creative electronic rhythms and beats. Their song “Twice,” has been a longtime favorite of ours. We can’t wait to hear more of Little Dragon’s creative, future works. If you want to end 2013 on a very high note, they are coming to San Francisco for NYE.

Brandi Carlile

When we hear her country, folk voice it feels like our heart is getting a hug. Brandi founded the Looking Out Foundation in 2008 and its mission is to support, through music, humanitarian outreach efforts in local communities and beyond. #Music4Good

Chris Issak

Rock+Country+Folk+Pop = Chris Issak, a native son of the bay area that's kept our attention for more than two decades.

Deltron 3030

Deltron 3030, comprised of Kid Koala and the Bay Area's own Del the Funky Homosapien and Dan the Automator, made their long anticipated return in 2013. Back and better than ever, this alternative hip-hop super group performs with a 16-piece orchestra and a booming, futuristic sound.


What happens when talent, brains, soul and beauty all come together? You guessed it...Goapele! The Oakland, California native and frequent Yoshi's performer's sound has been compared to legendary songstress Nina Simone.

Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez combines classic acoustic guitar and intelligent lyrics that address contemporary questions.  His sound is reflective of his Argentinian heritage, with a modern twist.

Aloe Blacc

Crossing multiple genres and fusing together the best of soul, jazz, hip hop, and R&B, Aloe Blacc’s music has been touching our souls and blessing our ears. What’s equally exciting to us about Aloe Blacc is his ability to combine social consciousness with irresistible pop, his commitment to influencing positive social change, and his stated interests in addressing joblessness, homelessness, universal lack for compassion, and human trafficking.


Groundation blends jazz and dub in their spiritually enlightening roots reggae. While producing many albums over the last ten years, they have toured the world, spreading their message of love and peace. Groundation states their mission as “uniting audiences and using the universal vibration of music to help bring about a positive social evolution.”

The Pretenders

The Pretenders isn’t just our parents’ favorite new-wave band.  Their music is simultaneously legendary and innovative.  Singer and guitarist Chrissie Hynde’s powerful voice is easily distinguishable.  Beyond her amazing musical career, Chrissie Hynde is also a life-long animal rights activist.  She has taken part in several anti-fur events over the years and is actively involved in animal-rights groups.  

Josh Ritter

A guileless, boy-next-door voice belies the depth and ambition of Josh Ritter’s songs, whether he is confessing a simple crush or following his thoughts on a long, Whitmanesque incantation.-Ben Sisario, The New York Times...YUP!

Rogue Wave

Indie rock band Rogue Wave, from Oakland, CA, won us over with their stellar live shows. Their often whimsical sounds, and fun videos like that of “College,” are fresh and innovative. What keeps us coming back for more is their ability to weave creative lyrics, often with an underlying depressive tone, with accessible, contrasting, and uplifting rhythm.  

Ty Segall

After putting together a number of bands over the years, his latest project was a very personal, solo album, “Sleeper.” We loved it. His overall garage-rock sound has some 60s and 70s throwbacks, but the sound is uniquely his own.  

The Mowgli’s

When we watch this 8 piece alternative rock band perform crowd pleasers like "San Francisco" it takes a quick look over at security to keep us from jumping on stage to join in the fun.

The Blow

The Blow’s combines lo-fi music, electronica, pop, and indie to create an interesting and provocative sound that sucks us in every time we hear their tunes. One of our favorite music critics, Bob Boilen, describedThe Blow’s new album as a “perfect mix of music and performance art.” We couldn’t agree more and we are eagerly looking forward to more masterpieces from them in 2014.

Thao And The Get Down Stay Down

As one of our favorite SF-based bands, we would love to feature Thao and her hypnotizing sounds.  We’re sure a Music for Good interview with Thao would reveal a depth of interests on par with the intelligent poetry of their songs.

The Coup

The Coup carries on a long tradition of politically motivated music coming out of Oakland California. Their sound, which combines funk, hiphop, soul, and rap, energizes the crowd. However, The Coup’s power comes from their witty lyrics that are a critique on varying social ills, from patriarchy to police brutality.      


Blending indie rock and synth pop, we love Geographer because they get us dancing while also satisfying our harder rock needs. Calling San Francisco home, Geographer has been touring throughout 2013 and building a very enthusiastic base of fans. We can’t wait to see what they do in 2014.

Bad Veins

The Midwestern duo received critical acclaim early on and have been captivating audiences with their melodic Indie sound ever since. With a number of recent changes in their lineup, we look forward to seeing how their sounds evolves.

The Very Best

We had the pleasure to interview these brilliant, thoughtful musicians when they passed through SF with Mumford & Sons last year. The pairing of London based DJ/production duo Radioclit and Esau Mwamwaya, a singer from Lilongwe, Malawi results in a global sound that's bursting with energy.

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