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December 4th 2013

Party Corps' 2013 Music for Good: Songs in Review

For those of you who were unable to attend each and every one of our Music for Good parties this past year AND for those of you who want to relive the awesome Party Corps' 2013 Music for Good: Songs in Review is here! The following is a list of the amazing musicians who lent their time and talent for the benefit of our Good Cause Directory members and in support of our mission to connect the public to good causes through music. 

Get a listen to some of our favorite songs by these artists, get inspired by their message and and then add "attend all Music for Good parties" to your 2014 new year's resolution list, above diet and exercise but below calling your mother more often. 

Cheers to more in 2014!

1. The Stone Foxes: Everybody Knows  

2. Ghost Town Jenny: Funeral

3. Laura Inserra: Novilunio

4. Mandeep Sethi: Unfilmed Fantasia

5. Aisha Fukushima: Believe in Reality

6. Meklit Hadero: Let It Go

7. Senor Oz & Afrolicious: Crazy

8. Benjamin Brown: Your Words

9 Quinn DeVeaux: Good News

10. Do DAT: Taking Off My Coat

11. Sellassie: We in Trouble Son

12. Khafre Jay: Fresh

13. Hot Pocket: Ascension

14. Jonah Matranga: Livin’ Small

15. Courage: Heartbreak Warfare Cover

16. Tzigane Society: Outside of Time

17. Tom McFadden: Fossil Rock Anthem

18. Carolyn Malachi: Beautiful Dreamer

Posted by Olivia Swilley, Alexis Shoemate, Elena Lunt


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