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November 27th 2013

With Thanksgiving in Our Hearts: An Abbreviated List of What Party Corps is Thankful for This Year

5. Retweets and Likes

Nothing says I heart you like a RT and a Like. We are truly thankful for everyone who has helped spread the word about all the wonderful Good Causes Party Corps has had the pleasure of supporting in 2013.

4. Musicians with a Message

We worked with some amazing artists this year, each with a unique voice and a clear message. From socially conscious hip hop, to blues and r&b, from soul and jazz to rap battles about Pluto, we covered the gambit and brought fans and music-lovers together for an experience unlike any other.   

3. Dance Parties

Despite what your fellow MUNI passengers might say, there is NEVER a wrong time to have a dance party. We’ve had the most fun at our Music for Good parties that burst into dancing ... don't stop 'til you get enough! 

2. San Francisco

Words cannot express our love for the here's an awesome video 

1.Good Cause Directory Members

The incredible grassroots organizations that make up our Directory are the wind beneath our wings. Like the causes, communities, and clients they serve, we appreciate them for what they do and look forward to an even better 2013. 

Oh ya, and HOT DOGS! Party Corps' office is located in the awesome We Work building on Taylor and Market, mere steps from a beef on a bun lover’s paradise.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Posted by Olivia Swilley


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