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November 12th 2013

Music for Good Reflections: Carolyn Malachi

Walking into 111 Minna for Party Corps’ Music for Good party, with purple lights bleeding into blue, orange, and red haze, I could feel the excitement of the crowd building in the air. The contagious positive energy grew when Carolyn Malachi took the stage. Starting off with standards, jazzy in nature, but with rhythm that reached modern and funky levels, Carolyn brought the crowd to a place of ebb and flow as they danced to her magical voice and transcending funky beats. Within moments of the second song starting, the guests were boogieing down and waving their hands in the air, grooving along to her melodies. As one of the curators of this event, I couldn’t help but smile as I looked around the room and saw so many happy people dancing, sipping their cocktails, completely engaged in the sounds of Carolyn Malachi’s voice. Adding to the evening’s excitement, three of our previous Music for Good artists attended the show. It was a great testament to Party Corps’ work over the last year seeing Jonah Matranga breakdancing to Oz McGuire’s set, Khafre Jay hanging out with the Party Corps team, and Tom McFadden in the front row for Carolyn Malachi’s set.

Although the party included many moments that will stick in my memory, one of the most moving happened against a backdrop of people swaying back and forth. The beats slowed down toward the end of Carolyn Malachi’s set, she paused for a moment and said, "To Fall into your Winter, means to Spring where my dreams dare not Summer." The beauty in her sentiment, the poetic rendering of her words, brought us into her space as a musician, artist, and activist. To be engaged on that level is powerful and one of the beautiful results of using music for good. 

To learn more about Carolyn Malachi and why we call her the "Essence of Music for Good," check out an interview we did with her HERE.

Posted by Alexis Shoemate


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