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August 26th 2013

Party Corps Receives Certificate of Honor from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee

A little recognition for hard work and a job well done goes a long way. That’s one of the guiding principles behind Party Corps’ mission to support grassroots nonprofit organizations by connecting them to the public through music-based events and production of related educational media. We know there are many hundreds of small community groups working hard to make our communities safer, healthier, and more vibrant, but receiving limited spotlight and recognition. We work to change that.

Just as Party Corps shines a light on many small nonprofit organizations, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has returned the favor by presenting us with a Certificate of Honor. At last week’s Music for Good party, produced on behalf of the Tenderloin-based Bay Area Women’s and Children’s Center, the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services presented Party Corps with a Certificate of Honor recognizing Party Corps for our “commitment to fostering civic engagement through music,” and stating: 

Party Corps’ mission of providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration between residents and non-profit grassroots organizations has been truly commendable and has significantly contributed to the vitality of our City. Your tireless support and devotion to the residents of San Francisco and the Bay Area will continue to benefit many for generations to come.

We couldn’t be more excited about this recognition! We are grateful to the Mayor for this honor and the heartfelt recognition of our programs.  (Watch the video of Party Corps receiving this award, below the blog.)

While producing parties is fun, it’s true that the Party Corps team works extremely hard to present the public with innovative and inspiring information about the more than 60 grassroots nonprofit organizations in our Good Cause Directory. We’re thrilled to be recognized for our work to date, and we’re committed to doing even more to support the essential efforts of so many other organizations. 

Party Corps is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and we are able to do this work because of the financial support we receive from our major donors. If you are interested in supporting Party Corps, please contact Leila Monroe, Leila[at]partycorps[dot]org, or consider sending a tax deductible donation to “Party Corps”, 25 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102. Stay tuned for online donation options, coming soon. 

Posted by Leila Monroe


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