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September 11th 2012

Labor of Love

More than just an opportunity to eat more hot dogs than Kobayashi, Labor Day is a celebration of the economic and social contributions of workers.  Since 1894, when Labor Day became a federal holiday, millions of Americans have been putting on their seersucker suits and lining parade routes of Anytown, USA in honor of those who fought for the labor rights we all enjoy today.

While many think of Labor Day as a day to recognize those who decades ago built our roads and bridges and worked in mines and manholes, it is important to remember that Labor Day is also celebration of all of us who are responsible for keeping our great engine of opportunity and ingenuity going today.  The Bay Area is a region where millions of workers occupy high rises and board rooms, research labs and classrooms, assembly lines and stock rooms all in an effort to provide for their needs and for the needs and the dreams of their families.

Non-profit organizations play a very special role in helping to assist those who, perhaps despite being employed, may be unable to fully support themselves and their families sufficiently. Labor Day is an opportunity to remember those organizations that may have touched your life, improved your school, saved your park or fed your family or will do so if ever you are in need.

Party Corps’ mission is to connect great people to good causes through music and we accomplish this by working in partnership with nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of others by creating access to educational resources, housing, food, employment, the arts and to improving and sustaining the environment.  Party Corps is working to raise support and awareness about nonprofit groups like the Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program, which improves the health, independence and social integration of people with physical disabilities through sports, fitness and recreation programs.  Or the Women's Earth Alliance, which works with allies globally to advance local solutions to issues of water, food, land, and climate change.   Or City Youth Now, which has worked since 1950 to meet the unique needs of children and youth under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Juvenile Court System.

There are many more great organizations in our Good Cause Directory, and if you know of an effective grassroots nonprofit that deserves more recognition and support, encourage them to sign up here.

We at Party Corps are grateful to all of our members and partners who join us in celebration of these laborers who do such important work, often for little recognition.  We hope that you will support us by spreading the word about our work, which in turn will support others striving to make a positive change for the benefit of all of us.


Olivia Swilley Party Corps’ Community Partner Manager.  Her role at Party Corps is to build the Good Cause Directory and to foster relationships with grassroots organizations  we seek to build lasting, supportive relationships with.

Posted by Olivia Swilley


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