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August 18th 2012

Panda Tales: a Star is Born at Outside Lands

When you find yourself swept along in a raging sea of party, you need a beacon to guide you. 

The googly-eyed Panda-on-a-Stick is Party Corps’ beacon, and having proved its worth, now our mascot. He came up big at San Francisco’s epic three day festival, Outside Lands, guiding wayward members of our crew home through the storm. We swam among the masses like salmon, darted like Frogger, and partied with tens of thousands of other good people that converged on misty Golden Gate Park, knowing we could always find our way back to the Panda and our crew of friends.  

This huge, diverse and uniquely San Francisco festival satisfied and saturated even the greediest music fan with an excellent and diverse lineup, delicious local food, wine, and beer, comedy and many surprises.  Another Planet Entertainment crafted an all-star lineup: from Stevie Wonder’s lovefest to Metallica’s explosive performance, from Justice’s sardine-can packed dance session to pop-up performances by Jack White and Tom Morello, there’s a good reason the event sold out all three days. 

Outside Lands also gets big Party Corps thanks for making space for great non-profits, keeping the festival green and sponsoring a beach clean-up!

The crowd was huge, and throughout the weekend we shared special moments with strangers, courtesy of the Panda, held high in the sky for thousands to see.  Like Party Corps, the Panda's purpose was to bring people together.  Some of Panda’s highlight moments:    

·       The emotional reunion when a 14-year-old burst through the crowd, exclaiming: “The Panda helped me find my father!”  Tear.

·       Like many of us, Panda refused to wear earplugs for Metallica, relishing every ear-throbbing moment of guitar harmonies and pyrotechnic explosions.

·       Panda had a few distressing encounters with other beacons, such as the obscene inter-species intercourse between Panda and a rubber ducky on a stick.  Not to mention the perilous moment when Panda became balloon-shark bait -- until the shark popped.

Panda was by far the most photogenic and photographed member of our crew.  Look out for Party Corps Panda at future events and festivals, like this weekend’s Hike to support At The Crossroad’s homeless youth in San Francisco.   

Post your Party Corps Panda photos, past and future, #PCPanda

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