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February 19th 2012

Party Corps. What’s in Our Name?

We chose the name Party Corps because it evokes two things.

First, the Party CORE.  The Core is central or innermost part of a thing.  The core of a Party is connection.  Parties build community and connect individuals. 

Music is often the magical element that draws people in and joins us together. Think of those moments when you’re at a dance party or filled with sound at a live performance and you realize there’s magic connecting you and everyone else in the room.   It’s the music.  Music is a powerful connecting force and a pulsing energy in our daily lives. 

Then, there’s the CORPS. Esprit de corps is defined as acommon spirit of comradeship, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause among the members of a group.  Like us, the Army Corps and the Peace Corps build things.

Party Corps is building better communities by connecting good people to good causes through good music.



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